The Family Visits

Mom, Uncle Martin and his wife Evie… and their son?

And this son…This has been identified!  Uncle Frank and Aunt Evelyn with their daughters Linda, Ellen, Ruth and Jane.  Ruth’s daughter Billie just told me!


4 responses to “The Family Visits

  1. grandmom’s last name was Nagle. You were close.
    Thanks for sharing this picture, and all the rest. 🙂

  2. top pic, according to my mom, is Uncle Martin, his wife Evie, and their son, Martin.

  3. Cheryl Cunningham

    Wow, this picture brought tears to my eyes! Loved seeing my grandparents (I miss them!) and my mom and aunts all so young. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I am Frank Burnisky’s great-granddaughter (Linda, his oldest daughter, is my mom).

  4. Cheryl Cunningham

    Ooops. So sorry. I am not “great”. haha. Just Frank’s “granddaughter”.

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