Romancing Irene

I have this photo of Aunt Irene on her honeymoon, yet I have no memory of her husband.  But now I have the story from Cousin Butchie (As told to Billie!):

Aunt Irene was my godmother. She had no children. She was married briefly to a short hot tempered Italian fellow but the marriage ended when she broke his skull after he decided to hit her once too many times.

Ha ha… Poor hot tempered Italian fellow.  He should have known better than to mess with a Burnisky Babe. 


2 responses to “Romancing Irene

  1. not my godmother…that was a story passed on by cousin Butchie.

  2. I love this photo and have never seen it before. I did know the story of Auntie Irene’s marriage but never saw a photo of the hot headed Italian guy. I can tell you I am proud as always of the strength of the Burnisky women.

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