A Life Review

So they dashed on down to Mississippi…

Made it official…

And who knows what happened after that?

Next thing you know…


And everybody was captivated.

Including that charming Sandy…

Everything she did was amazing! Anything she did was amusing!


And for the darling loved by all, Bernice was making the best toy yet…

Get that girl a baby doll… better yet, a matching set!
(And the neighborhood’s first color camera.)



Life was still idyllic for a while…

Suddenly the Sunday visits were no longer fashion shows starring the young and the beautiful…  Suddenly they were hard work.

But it was oh, so worth it…. Just look at those stars!

Wild Cowboys!

But the Good Woman Bernice always made an effort on Sunday…

Because Sunday Dinners continued on…


And Holidays Galore



Classy as she is, she made good use of her roots for entertaining the kids…



One response to “A Life Review

  1. What a touching tribute to your beautiful Mama.
    Happy Mother’s Day Wendy. xoxoxoxo

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