A Life Review

Then one day she looked around and realized life had changed.

While we grew up, they grew old,

But Mama was young at heart

She thought and thought…

And she knew that soon we would fly away…

So she embraced the birds…

And embraced her life again…

She posed in Niagra…

Just like before… but where is the Pratt Street Pal?

She posed in her bathing suit…

She pointed out the way to go

And kept adventure alive!

She went back to work

And she was rewarded !

Her little red car..


And so did her sons…

Her family grew…

And her lap expanded as required…

So around she went again…

And for the woman who measured her wealth by the growth of her children,

The rewards kept her lifted…

and accompanied her wherever she went…

And then one day…

The little girl from Munson rode a Water Buffalo.

And finally… even she was amazed.

Things changed so fast after that, she could barely keep track…

And one day she decided it was time for R&R. 

And the little girl from Colorado Road who took rocks to bed to keep warm was able to sit and think and think in a castle.

Everyone took turns walking the castle grounds…

And there was laughter

and new life..

There was time to reconnect with some special people… the Pratt Street Boy!
He certainly did grow up to be a fine young man – just look at him!

And when she looked back on her life, she viewed it all as one long treasure, thanks to her “Little Monkeys”


Looking back, somehow she forgot that she is the one who made us what we are and began to thank us for what we have become.

But Mama, the honor was ours.


One response to “A Life Review

  1. What a touching tribute to your beautiful Mama.
    Happy Mother’s Day Wendy. xoxoxoxo

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