The Perfect Ending

I have been waiting and waiting almost two weeks now, to once again see the perfect Spring Moment in my Mother’s Castle.

I am beginning to think that this is not a seasonal wonder, but it was a once in a lifetime event.  The ultimately beautiful ending of a Beautiful Life.  Let me explain… When my dear Mother transitioned onward I was struck by the beauty and perfection of the moment… The long winter had gone and Spring was in the air.  I always say transitioned because there was nothing about that time that suggested anything except growth, life, beauty and wonder.  I had opened the windows for the first time that year.  The song “Mama” was playing… and my Mama floated away….

The beauty of the time wasn’t just my imagination – we have photos…

The Cherry Tree, the Dogwood and the Poplar were all in bloom…

The Lilac, my Mother’s favorite bush, the only bush I have ever heard her specifically ask for, bloomed… and it wasn’t supposed to bloom on the first spring after it was planted!  She wanted me to plant it right by the window so she could smell it – and she did!

I have been waiting two weeks for this moment, and I realize now that this was a once in a lifetime event.  My Mother’s final celebration in her Castle…. her Castle saying good-bye…

The Cherry Tree bloomed two weeks ago…

And while it was beautiful, the flowers are falling the leaves are emerging and I am still waiting on the dogwood… The only way I could get a good picture of the buds was against the sky…

And the Lilac bush isn’t even THINKING of blooming…

Instead, the property has erupted in an explosion of moss everywhere.  My Mama knew I was crazy about moss…  Is it possible she knew we would be filled with awe and beauty and that is what we needed last year?  And now the moss has settled all around, like a soft blanket and an invitation to look closely and discover the little wonders in every crack and corner.

Look what I found right outside her window.


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