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A Gathering

Two unidentified people on the left, Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Alex, Uncle Frank and Aunt Dorothy in front.


A Very Handsome Man

Clearly Alexander got a full measure of good looks – wow what a catch!

My Mother was always so fond of him.  Ike she would call him.  I wonder how that nickname came about.  A proud Papa for sure.

And WOW! Look at that Car! I wonder if that is the same car that was in their garage and always being tinkered with when I was growing up?

I imagine the baby is Alexis… I have to find the photos of what a beauty she grew up to be.

Fried Liver Wednesday’s

Joseph Petrusky told me that there was a standing date for Wednesday night when all the kids would go to Pratt Street for fried liver.  Bought fresh that evening, fried in butter with lots of onions.  Hmm… that didn’t make it to the next generation in our house.  I think I see Potatoe Pancakes on the table for this dinner.

Is that CLARK GABLE?  Oh, no, I see Aunt Dorothy so it must be Uncle Alec.  Oh my Uncle Alec was such a handsome man!