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The Young Burnisky Family

Young Anna and Anthony, and their son Anthony with his clarinet.  Young Anthony grew up to play the clarinet for the Army Air Corps Band. That is dedication and focus on the future – a Coal Miner and his wife, living on a farm, feeding a dozen children from the land, cooking on a coal stove, yet their children played instruments and went on to college.  The American Dream.

A photo with the family calf.  Who is the little girl?

This photo is dark but look at the high resolution copy.  Adorable, isn’t it?  Who are the children?  What a life!


A Mother’s Love

I never imagined I would be so lucky to see such a window into the heart and mind of Anna Sincavage Burnisky. I see ever so clearly what made her such a beloved Mother. A letter from “Mom” to her son Frankie.  I think about the fact that Frankie was her 5th out of 12 children.  Mom wrote this letter on February 28, 1929 from Munson.

(click for high resolution)

At this time, Mom had a 2 year old, a 5 year old, a 9 year old and more at home. Yet she found the time to write to Frankie. You can see the labor of love in the letter, the rather fine penmanship and good English considering… Does anyone know what her schooling was? She poured her love out to Frankie – evident by the fact that it is only one or two sentances, a stream of consciousness from a Mother who loves her son.  One of 12, but special, as each and every child of Anna Sincavage Burnisky was, and as each and every child knew they were.  I have paraphrased my favorite parts but you should make the effort to click for the high resolution copy and read the whole letter – it is a gem.

Dear Frankie… I thought that you forgot about me and did not like me but this letter sure surprise Frankie dear….I am sorry you send me your last money I guess you saved so hard to hold so much and now you do not have it any way…I sure was tickled… Ella said you was a fine boy and that is just wonderful… write every two week if you cant write every week… write everything at all just so I hear from you… the shortest letter will be good too

And the best part of all:

You asked me your age… you was 16 years old on the 14 Nov 1928. You are a big boy now I guess you will soon be getting married so find your self a nice girl… good by Frankie dear from your loving Mother hope to hear from very often

It is no wonder Frankie kept this letter, and his family still has it.  Thank you Billie, for sharing this treasure.

A fine young man like that, no wonder they baptised him on Christmas Day.  Note there is yet another spelling of Anna Sziemkiewicz and this time we see Burniski with an “i”.

Visiting Frank

Who is this visiting Frank? And where? I think these are both at the same house… but I know the woman in the second photo…

Anna Burnisky visited her children everywhere.  Because they were loved…

Mothers of Munson

Anna Sincavage Burnisky, her mother Anna Sincavage and thanks to the caption on the back, Helen (or Ella as she was often called).   This is in front of the Burnisky Homestead in Munson.  I seem to remember Anna’s mother, Anna Sincavage being called Muti – Can anyone shed any light on that?

Three Families

Here is another photo from Bernard Bernatonis – the Burnisky, Petrosky and Grabusky families.  Anybody care to make some guesses? I think Anna Sincavage Burnisky is the woman just to the left of the woman in the hat. (number 7)

A Mother, Loved.

A Mother of Twelve

It is a truly remarkable woman to raise a family of twelve children.  Anna Sincavage Burnisky was loved by all of her children and always remembered.  My own Mother mentioned from time to time how she missed her Mother, and this was forty years after her Mother died.  Sigh… and her daughter will do the same. 

One of the most famous stories of Anna Sincavage Burnisky was how she had given birth to one of her  younger ones around the same time as Helen gave birth to her children.  Helen was nervous and unsure as a new Mother, and of course “Mom” was at least on her tenth child.  So Anna Sincavage Burnisky helped her child – she nursed the baby along with her own.  Was that you Joseph? or Anna?

I believe this is Helen, her daugher Anna, Mom and grand-daughters Lynn and Jane (?)