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The Young Burnisky Family

Young Anna and Anthony, and their son Anthony with his clarinet.  Young Anthony grew up to play the clarinet for the Army Air Corps Band. That is dedication and focus on the future – a Coal Miner and his wife, living on a farm, feeding a dozen children from the land, cooking on a coal stove, yet their children played instruments and went on to college.  The American Dream.

A photo with the family calf.  Who is the little girl?

This photo is dark but look at the high resolution copy.  Adorable, isn’t it?  Who are the children?  What a life!


Anthony Visits Home

Look how handsome big brother Anthony is! Enoch is certainly fond of him.

Anthony Burnisky the 3rd

I said there would be more about Anthony Burnisky, my Uncle. What a colorful guy.

I remember we were all supposed to be in awe of Uncle “Butcher” . Tread softly in his presence.  Probably because he was the Patriarch at the time.  But I did not clearly undersand that when I was 10 years old or so.  I was raised, along with my siblings, with a fine understanding of Canasta.  I was a Canasta Prodigy of sorts… and invited to play Canasta one day when Uncle Anthony came to visit.  I was able to hold my own.  Not display my emotions. Throw my discards in a timely fashion. Place my red 3’s with the proper contained excitement. If I went out blind, nobody suspected it was coming.  We were playing for money one day in our dining room with Uncle Anthony, some Aunts and my Mom.  3$.  Wow.   Uncle Anthony didn’t want me to play because I was just a kid.  But I did just fine.  Actually I did super.  I won.  Uh Oh!  Uncle Anthony was mad… The game ended and I was confused… I was so excited because I won, Why was Uncle Anthony Mad?   He was supposed to be the winner but I didn’t know that. When he left he said to my Mom:  That girl is going places.  She is a Smart One. But he didn’t say goodbye to me.  He never did get over being beaten by a little girl at Canasta.

Anybody out there who can play Canasta?  I challenge you.

The First Family Scholar

I should have realized this was Uncle Anthony.  Uncle Frank’s daughter confirmed this.   Of course the logic used was that Uncle Anthony was was the Scholar of the family – the one who graduated from college.  And then he became a Park Ranger.  More about Uncle Anthony Burnisky.

I am not sure if people check the comments.  Joseph says:

Anthony worked for Baldwin Locomotive Co. in Philadelphia as an engineer prior to WWII when he was drafted into the army. During the war he was stationed at Kelly Field, TX and played claranet in the army air corps band. When he was discharged he returned to Penn State Univ. and received his second degree, this time in forestry. He then started a career with the U.S. Department of Interrior, Bureau of Indian Affairs and was assigned to the Calmoth Reservation in Oregon. His job was to manage the timber on the reservation. After his marriage to Mary he moved to Dulce, NM where he did the same thing foar the reservation there untill his retirement.

Aunt Dorothy told me he married a woman named Rose Mary – would that be the same as Mary?