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A Marine to Honor

Thank you for your service my dear cousin Charley.


The Boy in the Bicycle Basket

There is NO question who this baby is.  You can recognize him by looking at him as a man!

Oh how my Mother doted upon him!  There are many photos of these bicycle basket rides.  What was the dog’s name?  I understand the dog would bite and growl at unwelcome suitors.  But there was obviously one young man he was willing to share a basket with!

To Buy your Mother a Picket Fence

I talked to Joseph Petrusky today.  It was a wonderful conversation.

I found out that Anthony Burnisky bought 932 Pratt Street for his Mother.  I am proud to be a member of such a fine family.  It is no surprise to me that the Sons of Burnsiky are all fine men. 

Bernice, Evie, Martin’s wife, Mom, Eleonora.  And there is that beloved Pratt Street Pal again…

Pratt Street Picket Fence

I think these photos are from the “Back Yard” of Pratt Street.  Very House Proud people.  There is no evidence of a Picket Fence anymore.  As usual, you can click the thumbnail to see the photo in greater detail.  Do you know any of these kids?

There is another photo of that beloved Pratt Street Pal.  But more about him later.

Another Beginning at Pratt Street

All that beauty and hope on Pratt Street had to start something.

Actually, it started someONE. 

The original Pratt Street Pal.

So Good Looking…

And Magic too!

Pratt Street Pals

All Kinds of Buddies on Pratt Street.

Those steps really ARE big. 


Clearly the Pratt Street Pals had the attention of the local Beauty.

A Lot of Attention.