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A Proud Sister

Enoch playing the flute for his sister Emma.  I wonder what the uniform is that he is wearing?


The Burnisky Girls

Ok lets try: Veronica (Tinky), Helen, Bernice, Irene, Emma
Evelyn Burnisky (married to Martin), her son Marty ex-wife Anita, Eleonora.

Helen, Veronica, Bernice, Emma, Eleonora, Irene…

Did I get it right?

Mom and More…

This photo was emailed to me.  Joseph sent it to Charley.

 This is my guess:  Pop (Anthony Burnisky), Muti? Mom’s Mother? , Aunt Eleonora, Unknown, Mom (Anna Sincavage Burnisky), Unknown, and two children, Unknown.

What do you think?

Joseph to the rescue!  In case you don’t read the comments:

Anthony Burnisky Jr., his mother-in-law A. Sincavage, his daughter Emma, his nephew Albert Bernatonis, his wife Anna and a neighbor and family friend Joe Pillot.

But I am confused now – I think I have to change my Uncle Anthony to Anthony Burnisky III – Because my grandfather would be Anthony Burnisky Jr.  Is that correct?