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Billie says the back of the photo reads:  Helen Pretrusky, Evelyn Burnisky , Martin’s Evelyn, and cousin Annie Bernatonis.  Another Bernatonis family link!


The Burnisky Girls

Ok lets try: Veronica (Tinky), Helen, Bernice, Irene, Emma
Evelyn Burnisky (married to Martin), her son Marty ex-wife Anita, Eleonora.

Helen, Veronica, Bernice, Emma, Eleonora, Irene…

Did I get it right?

The Family Visits

Mom, Uncle Martin and his wife Evie… and their son?

And this son…This has been identified!  Uncle Frank and Aunt Evelyn with their daughters Linda, Ellen, Ruth and Jane.  Ruth’s daughter Billie just told me!

To Buy your Mother a Picket Fence

I talked to Joseph Petrusky today.  It was a wonderful conversation.

I found out that Anthony Burnisky bought 932 Pratt Street for his Mother.  I am proud to be a member of such a fine family.  It is no surprise to me that the Sons of Burnsiky are all fine men. 

Bernice, Evie, Martin’s wife, Mom, Eleonora.  And there is that beloved Pratt Street Pal again…