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Billie says the back of the photo reads:  Helen Pretrusky, Evelyn Burnisky , Martin’s Evelyn, and cousin Annie Bernatonis.  Another Bernatonis family link!


Mothers of Munson

Anna Sincavage Burnisky, her mother Anna Sincavage and thanks to the caption on the back, Helen (or Ella as she was often called).   This is in front of the Burnisky Homestead in Munson.  I seem to remember Anna’s mother, Anna Sincavage being called Muti – Can anyone shed any light on that?

Family Friends

Bernard Bernatonis, a friend of the Burnisky Family sent me some photos.  Bernard is the son of Frank Bernatonis, and a friend of Joseph Petrusky.  Here is a photo of Frank Bernatonis with his two brothers, Peter on the left and Albert on the right.  It probably was taken at grandma Antanina’s funeral in 1939.  Are these the boys of Johannes Bernatonas and Anna Kurmelavjciene that witnessed Anthony and Anna’s Wedding in 1902?

Pete Bertonis 2nd from Right.  Third from right is believed to be Joseph Petrusky, our Joe’s dad, about 1917.

Pete Bertonis on right and our Joe’s dad, Joseph Petrusky on left, about 1917.  This would have to be before Pete went to Europe in the Army, WW1.

And Pete went to War all right – here he is ready for WWI, bottom right.

And here is our Joseph,  with his Mom Helen Burnisky Petrosky with Jupes Zefferi, Bernard’s Uncle, husband of his Aunt Anna, at Frank Bernatonis’s funeral reception in Feb 1985.

A Mother of Twelve

It is a truly remarkable woman to raise a family of twelve children.  Anna Sincavage Burnisky was loved by all of her children and always remembered.  My own Mother mentioned from time to time how she missed her Mother, and this was forty years after her Mother died.  Sigh… and her daughter will do the same. 

One of the most famous stories of Anna Sincavage Burnisky was how she had given birth to one of her  younger ones around the same time as Helen gave birth to her children.  Helen was nervous and unsure as a new Mother, and of course “Mom” was at least on her tenth child.  So Anna Sincavage Burnisky helped her child – she nursed the baby along with her own.  Was that you Joseph? or Anna?

I believe this is Helen, her daugher Anna, Mom and grand-daughters Lynn and Jane (?)

The Burnisky Girls

Ok lets try: Veronica (Tinky), Helen, Bernice, Irene, Emma
Evelyn Burnisky (married to Martin), her son Marty ex-wife Anita, Eleonora.

Helen, Veronica, Bernice, Emma, Eleonora, Irene…

Did I get it right?