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The Young Burnisky Family

Young Anna and Anthony, and their son Anthony with his clarinet.  Young Anthony grew up to play the clarinet for the Army Air Corps Band. That is dedication and focus on the future – a Coal Miner and his wife, living on a farm, feeding a dozen children from the land, cooking on a coal stove, yet their children played instruments and went on to college.  The American Dream.

A photo with the family calf.  Who is the little girl?

This photo is dark but look at the high resolution copy.  Adorable, isn’t it?  Who are the children?  What a life!


The Sincavage House again…

A photo from Billie’s collection:

And from October.

1936 in Munson

A photo with a date!  But who is it?  I am guessing it is one of the Burnisky girls, it is in front of the Burnisky Homestead, and I wonder who is riding the doggie?

Mothers of Munson

Anna Sincavage Burnisky, her mother Anna Sincavage and thanks to the caption on the back, Helen (or Ella as she was often called).   This is in front of the Burnisky Homestead in Munson.  I seem to remember Anna’s mother, Anna Sincavage being called Muti – Can anyone shed any light on that?

The House?

What happened to the Burnisky homestead?

The owner won the lottery.

He rebuilt.

Do you suppose it is the same tree?

Does anyone else have any pictures?

Dinner with Aunt Rosie

Of course Aunt Rosie would feed her little Bernice and Irene…

They Went Back to Visit

The Three Little Sisters went back one day, Irene, Tinky and Bernice…