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Visiting Frank

Who is this visiting Frank? And where? I think these are both at the same house… but I know the woman in the second photo…

Anna Burnisky visited her children everywhere.  Because they were loved…


1936 in Munson

A photo with a date!  But who is it?  I am guessing it is one of the Burnisky girls, it is in front of the Burnisky Homestead, and I wonder who is riding the doggie?

Mom and More…

This photo was emailed to me.  Joseph sent it to Charley.

 This is my guess:  Pop (Anthony Burnisky), Muti? Mom’s Mother? , Aunt Eleonora, Unknown, Mom (Anna Sincavage Burnisky), Unknown, and two children, Unknown.

What do you think?

Joseph to the rescue!  In case you don’t read the comments:

Anthony Burnisky Jr., his mother-in-law A. Sincavage, his daughter Emma, his nephew Albert Bernatonis, his wife Anna and a neighbor and family friend Joe Pillot.

But I am confused now – I think I have to change my Uncle Anthony to Anthony Burnisky III – Because my grandfather would be Anthony Burnisky Jr.  Is that correct?

The Family Visits

Mom, Uncle Martin and his wife Evie… and their son?

And this son…This has been identified!  Uncle Frank and Aunt Evelyn with their daughters Linda, Ellen, Ruth and Jane.  Ruth’s daughter Billie just told me!

Pratt Street Pals

All Kinds of Buddies on Pratt Street.

Those steps really ARE big. 


Clearly the Pratt Street Pals had the attention of the local Beauty.

A Lot of Attention.