There are many mystery people.  Can you help?

Unknown 004

Unknown 005

Unknown 007

Unknown Boys 008

What fancy clothes those cuties have!

Unknown Girl 010

Unknown Woman and Boy 011

All dressed up and I don’t know who they are!

These soldier photos are back… A Monkey?  Look closely at both.  Ellen thought she knew but has changed her mind.

Unknown Soldier 004


Unknown Soldier 003


Unknown Soldier 002


3 responses to “Identify

  1. 004 mom wasn’t sure if it was her dad, martin, or enoch sitting with a family friend.

  2. I just thought of something. I wonder if the two boys (008) would be Tommy and Enoch, the twins?

  3. #10 was my grandmom…evelyn nagle burnisky
    #11 is uncle martin’s evelyn and son marty.

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