The Sincavage House again…

A photo from Billie’s collection:

And from October.


Visiting Frank

Who is this visiting Frank? And where? I think these are both at the same house… but I know the woman in the second photo…

Anna Burnisky visited her children everywhere.  Because they were loved…


Billie says the back of the photo reads:  Helen Pretrusky, Evelyn Burnisky , Martin’s Evelyn, and cousin Annie Bernatonis.  Another Bernatonis family link!

A Gathering

Two unidentified people on the left, Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Alex, Uncle Frank and Aunt Dorothy in front.

What a Car!

The beauty of that car is almost missed when you look at the handsome man.  Is that Frank Burnisky?

It may be!  After all, he has a learner’s Permit…

1936 in Munson

A photo with a date!  But who is it?  I am guessing it is one of the Burnisky girls, it is in front of the Burnisky Homestead, and I wonder who is riding the doggie?

Mothers of Munson

Anna Sincavage Burnisky, her mother Anna Sincavage and thanks to the caption on the back, Helen (or Ella as she was often called).   This is in front of the Burnisky Homestead in Munson.  I seem to remember Anna’s mother, Anna Sincavage being called Muti – Can anyone shed any light on that?