A Life Review

A Professional Woman with a Career


Working hard,

Having fun,






Of Course she was noticed…

And she wasn’t just noticed at work…

There were plenty of suitors and double dates with Irene… 

Then, one by one the sisters started getting married.

Beautiful! Irene, Tinky and Bernice.

I understand more than one Burnisky girl wore that dress – that’s smart!

What to do about choosing the right suitor?

First, any hopeful bachelor has to come to Pratt Street

Of course he must charm the sisters, brothers, and in-laws…

Have a little visit with his family…

Apparently it didn’t take long for HER charm to work.

But wait!  What does Bernice See? I think she will go get it…

There is the real charmer.  He might be playing hard to get but how could anyone resist the Beautiful Bernice?

So, it was settled.




One response to “A Life Review

  1. What a touching tribute to your beautiful Mama.
    Happy Mother’s Day Wendy. xoxoxoxo

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